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Bag printed on flexible propaganda slogans Create a strong atmosphere
Published time:2019-01-14 0:11:47     viewed:41time    
23, vegetationdistribution tuen village credit cooperatives doorway noisy outside, I saw the villagers there in front of the panel to know which putting knowledge, some focus on "Chinese drug" swept with the mobile phone in the yards WeChat public, staff guidance, and stamped with "to carry out the anti-triad putting, create peace politics and" cuff to villagers... This is outside the chariot township concentrating on having putting the "three rates" ZongZhi, drug control, safety production (month), and other promotional activities.

- the anti-triad since putting special struggle, vegetationdistribution through television, WeChat public, websites and other media publicity, the printing with anti-triad putting the slogan and call small objects such as form, in which special battles against putting the propaganda activities, create a black evil forces everyone to shout dozen thick atmosphere.

- a few days ago, the dongping county town village of yellow Dang Song Chunqin old man carrying with anti-triad putting the contents of the environmental protection shopping bag to county which do, reflecting the bamboo forest were occupied, demand rights. Staff patiently explained to him, something he can walk mediation and litigation channel, and contacted the dongping town comprehensive management of public on the spot. "Thank you! Thank you very much! You were laborious, this bag is good, I want to keep, if found someone bully me, I will call to report on the bag." Song Chunqin said happily.

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